The Anatomy of a Couples Therapy Session(Click on book title to order a copy.)

The 50 Minute Hour in Eight Stages

Anatomy of a Couples Therapy Session

Judith P. Leavitt

Routledge, 2018

The Anatomy of a Couples Therapy Session: The 50 Minute Hour in Eight Stages
How does a couples’ therapist actually run a 50–minute session? What needs to happen? What must happen? Managing this time and knowing how to guide a couple through what can be a rocky roller coaster ride is a critical skill. This volume breaks down the entire 50 minutes of a couple’s therapy session from beginning to end. It divides the 50 minutes into eight time period stages that may overlap. The distinctive characteristics and challenges of each time period are examined. Numerous case examples are given throughout the book. The couples therapist is addressed directly with many suggestions given for handling the situations that can arise in each period. In addition, the couples therapist’s own experiences during the session are explored.

The Sexual Alarm System(Click on book title to order a copy.)

Women's Unwanted Response to Sexual Intimacy and How to Overcome It

Cover of Judith P Leavitt's Book, The Sexual Alarm System

Judith P. Leavitt

Aronson, 2012

The Sexual Alarm System: Women's Unwanted Response to Sexual Intimacy and How to Overcome It explores the shield that develops around women's bodies to protect them from real and perceived sexual intrusions and dangers. From a young age, women are socialized to regard their sexuality as something that puts them in danger. However, the Sexual Alarm System interferes with a woman's ability to be sexual when she wants to be. Leavitt discusses how the Alarm functions, how it develops, what triggers it, and how it interferes with a woman's ability to be sexual in an intimate partnership. In addition, this book presents specific body exercises for therapists to give to women to work through this Alarm and to develop the ability to enjoy their sexuality.

Common Dilemmas in Couple Therapy(Click on book title to order a copy.)

Cover of Judith P Leavitt's Book, Common Dilemmas in Couples Therapy

Judith P. Leavitt

Routledge, 2009

Common Dilemmas in Couple Therapy confronts four common issues that couple therapists face everyday in their offices: dealing with difficult partners, secrets, working with a partner who won't/can't change, and the breakup of a relationship. Out of each dilemma pour the passions, the profound disappointments, and the amazing rewards of human intimate partnerships. The purposes of this book are to deeply explore the dynamics of each dilemma with case illustrations, give therapists the lifelines of many strategies to use in working with these dilemmas, and to help them understand and handle their own profound experiences and roles while doing this work. Dr. Leavitt uncovers the hurt, meanness, and helplessness that comes with these dilemmas and shows the crucial professional role that therapists can play in guiding a couple to healing, hope and renewal.

Speaking and Teaching

Frequently Dr. Leavitt teaches and presents at professional conferences, hospitals, community groups and mental health centers on numerous topics including couple therapy and sexuality. Below are some examples.

Harvard Medical School and Cambridge Health Alliance

“Treating Couples” conference 2009 and “Aspects of Aging” conference 2006

Boston Medical Center, Mt. Auburn Hospital, Metro West Medical Center

Grand Rounds on female sexuality

Brookline Mental Health Center

Aging and sexuality

Massachusetts Assisted Living Association conferences 2007, 2009

Dementia and sexuality


“Judy’s knowledge of the subject she teaches is unsurpassed.”
“This was an amazing learning experience, primarily thanks to Judy’s teaching, clinical and personal skills. The level of thought, organization and preparation put into this class was remarkable.”
“One of the best programs I’ve attended.”
“Great presentation and control of the audience.”
“She teaches with much enthusiasm and is able to portray her knowledge creatively in a manner that captured learners of all types.”
“Dr. Leavitt’s enthusiasm was infectious. She created a supportive and stimulating atmosphere to take risks and work toward becoming better clinicians.”
“A dynamic and exhilarating presenter who clearly knows her stuff.”
“Great! Helpful, supportive, smart, knowledgeable, loved her.”
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